A Summer of Change

After finishing my last final and packing up as quickly as possible, after making the 10 hour drive home and finally crashing in my own bed a few hours after the sun rose, my summer had finally started. Like most other students, I was happy to be done with final exams and papers and excited for the … Continue reading A Summer of Change


Asking the Right Questions

While learning the answers to close-ended questions might be interesting, one can easily find those from a survey. To understand why a person feels, thinks or behaves a certain way, researchers must ask questions in qualitative methods of data collection that prompt storytelling. Using open-ended, thought-provoking prompts encourage participants to reveal the underlying emotional or … Continue reading Asking the Right Questions

The Art and Science of Being Insightful

We make observations every day. Whenever we notice what someone is doing, thinking or saying, we are making factual claims about the people and companies around us. This process is essential for organizations and individuals to start thinking about how they should best build meaningful relationships with their publics. But…those observations are not enough. Professionals … Continue reading The Art and Science of Being Insightful