A Summer of Change

After finishing my last final and packing up as quickly as possible, after making the 10 hour drive home and finally crashing in my own bed a few hours after the sun rose, my summer had finally started. Like most other students, I was happy to be done with final exams and papers and excited for the summer and year ahead.

But while this summer has been filled with learning, new opportunities, moments of rest and fun times, it’s also been filled with change – some of which is happening now, and more that’s coming up faster than I can believe.

It started within the first three days of me arriving home. My summer plans took a sharp turn when I was offered – and accepted – the internship I’d been working all semester to get. I was beyond thrilled!

Then, May 15th hit, and I turned 21. I started working soon after that, and I encountered the steep learning curve that comes with commuting and working 40 hour weeks in New York City for the first time. A month later, my youngest brother finished Middle School, and my other not-so-little little brother graduated high school. Just last weekend, we went upstate for his orientation.

And now, I only have four weeks left of my internship, and a mere five before my senior year begins. Half of me is excited for what’s to come, but the other is absolutely dreading the beginning of the end of my days as an undergrad at UNC. Over these past three years I’ve learned and grown so much, met beautiful friends and had awesome experiences. The fact that I’ve completed 75% of my time in college is unbelievable.

But, whether I like it or not, senior year is coming. All I can do is plan for change, for the unexpected. Plan to make the most of every single day, and make sure that I spend enough time with the people who matter most – the experiences I’ll remember for years to come.






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